On September 9th, United Way’s Help Me Grow Day of Caring Event took place at Early Learning Essential’s Provo Center. Our Provo Center is our largest Center providing preschool services to the community at no cost to parents. 

Thirty-six volunteers from Revere Health and Zions Bank came and created nine different stations that focused on social and emotional development through the lens of play.

Early Learning Essentials students built their own miniature community, learned about Sophie the Puppet and what happens when she gets really, really angry, and so much more! 

“Volunteers enthusiastically facilitated various activities where the children rotated from booth to booth having the opportunity to listen to a story about emotions with the community volunteers sharing their puppetry skills” says Melody Pederson, Early Learning Essentials’ Early Childhood Director. 

At the end of the day, students and parents left with a brand new book donated by United Way and new skills on how to regulate their emotions. At Early Learning Essentials, we believe in an educational approach that not only addresses reading, math, and science, but also the social and emotional skills that are essential for a child’s development. 

If you know of a child that could benefit from these services, please let them know about us! We love having more friends in the classroom, and helping more children prepare to be the leaders of tomorrow. 

Thank you United Way! 

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