For Parents

Center Locations

710 W 255 N, Orem 84057
Phone: 801-225-9652 

Classroom Schedules:

Orem 1 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:00-2:30, F 8:00-12:30
Orem 2 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:30-3:00, F 8:30-1:00
Orem 3 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45

195 E 500 N, Heber 84032

Classroom Schedule:

Heber 1 Extended Day: M-TH 8:30-3:00, F 8:30-1:00

1002 S 1100 W, Provo 84601
Phone: 801-377-0585

Classroom Schedules:

Provo 3 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45
Provo 4 Part Day AM:     M-TH 8:30-12:00
Provo 4 Part Day PM:     M-TH 12:30-4:00
Provo 5 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45
Provo 6 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:00-2:30, F 8:00-12:30
Provo 7 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:00-2:30, F 8:00-12:30
Provo 8 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45
Provo 9 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:30-3:00, F 8:30-1:00

658 West Marie Way Saratoga Springs, Utah 84045
Phone: 801-758-2404

Classroom Schedules:

Saratoga Springs 1 Part Day AM:     M-TH 8:30-12:00
Saratoga Springs 1 Part Day PM:     M-TH 12:30-4:00
Saratoga Springs 2 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45

176 S 500 W, Lehi 84043 
Phone: 801-768-1224

Classroom Schedules:

Lehi 1 Part Day AM:     M-TH 8:30-12:00
Lehi 1 Part Day PM:     M-TH 12:30-4:00
Lehi 2 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45

485 W 220 S Suite 100, Pleasant Grove 84062
Phone: 801-785-6578

Classroom Schedules:

PG 1 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:00-2:30, F 8:00-12:30
PG 2 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45
PG 3 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:30-3:00, F 8:30-1:00

925 W 2000 N, Orem 84057                       
Phone: 801-224-6013  

Classroom Schedules:

Aspen 1 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:30-3:00, F 8:30-1:00

275 W Center Street, Orem, Utah                      
Phone: 801-851-1060

Classroom Schedules:

TCDC 1 Part Day AM:     M-TH 8:30-12:00
TCDC 1 Part Day PM:     M-TH 12:30-4:00
TCDC 2 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:00-2:30, F 8:00-12:30

105 S 400 E, Springville 84663
Phone: 385-327-0101

Classroom Schedules:

Springville 1 Part Day AM:     M-TH 8:30-12:00
 Springville 1 Part Day PM:     M-TH 12:30-4:00
Springville 2 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45

614 S Main Street, Spanish Fork 84660
Phone: 801-491-6946

Classroom Schedules:

Spanish Fork 1 Part AM:     M-TH 8:30-12:00
Spanish Fork 1 Part PM:     M-TH 12:30-4:00
Spanish Fork 2 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45

587 W 400 S, Payson 84651                   
Phone: 801-465-1318

Classroom Schedules:

Payson 1 Part Day AM:     M-TH 8:30-12:00
Payson 1 Part Day PM:     M-TH 12:30-4:00
Payson 2 Extended Day:     M-TH 8:15-2:45, F 8:15-12:45

396 E 600 N, Nephi, Utah 84648  
Phone: 435-623-0941

Classroom Schedule:

Nephi Extended Day:     M-TH 8:30-3:00, F 8:30-1:00

2024-2025 School Year Calendars

Parent Resources

The Parent Handbook was prepared to serve as a resource and reference for you. In it we will share the information that we feel is vital for your child and family to have. Please read through the entire handbook if possible. We have tried to only include information that is necessary and beneficial, although it is not all-inclusive.

We recognize that life circumstances greatly effect a child’s ability to succeed at school and that we all at times need resources and services to be successful. We have partnered with 2-1-1 to help you tap into community resources. By simply dialing 2-1-1, you can connect to resources in your community.

A plan was developed to guide our actions during times of emergency and to work in a coordinated effort during emergency and disaster situations. The emergency preparedness manual is below.

Your child values your time and your time is of great value to your child’s learning and development. That’s why we’ve created the DUDE’s program. Every two months you will have the opportunity to spend time with your child specifically dedicated to helping them develop their mathematical and literacy skills. If you spend 15 minutes with your child doing the designated activity (DUDE’s Read or DUDE’s Math)  during the two month period and record your time, your child will receive a prize. 

Report Minutes

Pick an activity, work on it for 15 minutes with your preschooler. Keep track of your sessions.
Once you’ve completed 6 different activities, report your child’s minutes to win a math activity.

October – November, March – April 

August – September, December-February

Math Activities to do Together

Need math activity ideas to do with your child? Find a list of fun and simple activities here: 

School-to-home activities help reinforce what the child is learning in the classroom. School-to-home activities also creates a special bonding routine between the parent and the child, which is very important at this age since they have experienced a major change in their life by starting preschool. The time parents spend in these school-to-home activities counts as volunteer in-kind which helps us meet our grant requirements. Please record time spent in school-to-home activities as explained in the instructions below. Thank you for engaging in your child’s educational journey along a path to their highest potential!



Recognize a staff member

We invite you to let us know about the good things you see employees do at ELE so we can recognize and thank them! You can nominate as many employees as you observe doing a great job any time throughout the school year. We will recognize those with the most nominations. Thank you for supporting our amazing staff at ELE!