We’re the Wilsons. Our Luke is currently finishing his time at Early Learning Essentials. The same that has sparked a love for learning and a true enthusiasm for school, we are so grateful for the program and the support that we have received from all the staff at the Springville Preschool and Head Start Center. Our family began in a very hectic way. While in school and married for almost three years to my ex husband, I was pregnant with Luke. However at the end of the first trimester I endured a small stroke and began unprecedented convulsions. A week later, my husband at the time left and I never heard back from him again. 

I was left pregnant, disabled from work, and recovering from the most traumatic experience physically and emotionally. I struggled through the rest of my ill stricken pregnancy and welcomed Luke, my light. I began waitressing at a local restaurant to make the money to support us but still have time to take care of my little guy. After a couple of months I met Spencer, he was the chef’s apprentice and a talented cook. Several weeks passed and we began getting to know each other and dating. 

Luke met Spencer when he was eight months old and the first time he called him Dad, without any previous instruction or practice, Spencer wept. We married shortly after, I continued waitressing until we welcomed our second son. Then I began to stay home with our boys and Spencer continued to cook. However, truth be told, his cooking salary was barely sufficient. Spencer wanted to be present for our boys, but also provide for our needs. 

Luke began at Early Learning Essentials with our primary desire revolving around his social interactions. During the program he reminded us of our table manners, met a handful of friends, and became the child that wanted to be the first in the door and the last out. 

Since the start of the program Spencer decided to go back to school, his major: engineering. The two sit together and do “homework” together as Luke works on his upstart program. I began driving once a week for a local pharmacy who after three weeks offered to pay for my pharmacy technician training. I’m getting ready to pass the national exam. Spencer began working for an aluminum plant, which although not fancy, has a more competitive compensation. 

We began saving money by budgeting and working overtime, and purchased our first home in January. We also changed Luke’s last name officially in March, which came as a request from Spencer to show his commitment to Luke. 

Early Learning Essentials and specifically Lapita, our family advocate, really helped us to reach our goals. Looking back two years ago when we first started with Early Learning Essentials, I could never imagine so much grace and prosperity. Thank you Early Learning Essentials and Lapita, it’s been a fantastic growing experience for us.

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